I came across this beautiful 3D origami vase but couldn’t find a guide to build it. Jewellia7777 made a good try in creating a diagram but after zooming in on the original photos and counting the pieces, I realized that hers was close but not exact. By counting the number of pieces in one pink diamond and red triangle I estimated that this pattern was repeated 6 times and therefore the vase was 48 pieces in circumference. I did a similar estimate with the height but ended up adding an extra 3-4 to it after I actually built the vase and realized that I needed additional rows. Below is a picture tutorial of how I made the vase!

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For this project I made a white vase with a purple accent and red/yellow diamonds. Feel free to use other colors or to come up with an entirely different design.

It’s easier to build 6 red/yellow triangles attached to an upside-down purple trapezoid and the combine them afterwards, than to try to build the entire 48 piece base at once. When pieces get too long they start to curl and easily break apart. As you build on this base it will initially radiate out instead of bending in.
However, as you add additional rows it will bend inwards and upwards.

When adding rows, alternate the direction in which you place the pieces (clockwise, counterclockwise, clockwise, etc) otherwise the vase will start to “lean” towards one side and look ugly. Also make sure that you put the pieces on with equal strength otherwise it’ll look “lumpy.”

This is a picture of the complete base as seen from the bottom.Unless you have several hours to spare, you won’t be able to complete this project in one sitting. I made this over a span of 1-2 weeks largely because I had no guide to follow, I was learning as I was building, and basically I had no idea what I was doing. Therefore I stored my pieces in a CD spindle to keep them from being damaged as I transported them (the neck fit in the bottom of the base!).

The neck is straightforward and just a simple cylinder. However, after it is built you’ll want to shape it into an hourglass-like figure for aesthetic purposes.

I found it easier to shape the neck by increasing the height beyond 13 pieces, molding the neck, and then removing the extra pieces. I also glued the uppermost row of pieces and put a heavy book on it overnight to help it retain its shape. Afterward, I made the top ring, put a bit of glue on each tip of the uppermost row, laid the ring on a table, flipped the neck structure upside-down, placed it ring on top of the ring, and put a heavy book on top of the “bottom” of the neck. I thought that would make it less likely for the ring to be off-center.

After that, add some glue to the bottom of the neck and the top of the vase base, join the two together, put another heavy book on top, and wait for it to dry!

The end.