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One of the hobbies I enjoy doing is folding 3D origami. I got started after seeing a 3D origami swan and deconstructing a single triangle to figure out how to fold it.

In this video I cut sheets of paper into 1/32 rectangles. If you’re using thicker paper OR want to have thinner triangle pieces, you can cut those rectangles width-wise and make 1/64 pieces. If you do that, skip the first folding step (hot dog fold) and start with the second fold (hamburger fold).

Don’t worry if your rectangles come out uneven or mis-sized because you can hide that when folding. If the triangle still comes out weird looking you can always use it as the base of a structure or as an inverted piece (will be explained in a subsequent post) so don’t throw it away!


After folding the triangles I like to stack them into sticks of 20 and keep them in a Girl Scout thin mints box. This takes up far less room than leaving them as individual pieces, makes organizing colors much easier, and allows you to inventory your pieces.

Have fun!