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Welcome to my blog! Above is a snapshot of things to come.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with ice1cube (aka Frank), he was a really amazing YouTuber who inspired me along with thousands of other people. He offered great advice, shared his workout routines (beasty guy), did random music videos, and was all around just a really funny and entertaining person. It’s because of him that I was encouraged to work out more and reconsidered my outlook on certain things. He was supremely entertaining and I always looked forward to his new videos. Similarly, that is my hope for this blog and vlog, that I would be able to inspire and encourage others, that others would find them informative and entertaining, and that people look forward to new posts and videos.

I don’t know exactly why Frank closed is account or what he is up to these days but I hope he makes a comeback :] ¬†Frank, we miss you!